Who We Are

Since 2006, Climate Pros, Inc has grown to welcome the industry's finest customer partnerships. The two partners who own and manage the company have been active in the industry as technicians, supervisors, and managers for a total of more than 35 years. From an inside industry perspective, the foundation of Climate Pros is built on respect and appreciation for our customers and employees alike.

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Our Core Values

Are you a good fit for our company? Here at Climate Pros, Inc. we hold the following core values without exception.

  • Bleeds Blue!
    To bleed blue is to have company pride. Blue is the company color of Climate Pros, so to bleed blue means to exhibit a genuine passion about the company.

  • Honesty and Integrity
    Honesty and Integrity are enforced in the culture at Climate Pros. We strive to have these in everything we do from engaging and servicing our customers and vendors, and especially working with each other. We want to make sure that an employee of Climate Pros always represents themselves and the company with the highest sense of honesty and integrity.

  • Whatever it Takes
    You'll often see and hear this motto around Climate Pros. It is an obvious core value of the employees of this company. We do whatever it takes to get it done. We pride ourselves on coming up with unique solutions to difficult situations and always finding our way through no matter what.

  • Growth Oriented
    We love go getters! We want our employees to always want something better for the company. We want to be the best out there with the best people. An internal drive to exceed the average and excel ourselves beyond is absolutely key.

Our Leadership Staff

Besides over 100 talented field resources, our management staff consists of some of the industry's leaders that help us achieve our strategic vision.

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Todd Ernest - (Owner) President/CEO

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Todd Johnson - (Owner) Vice President of Operations

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Paul Prieur - Chief Technology Officer

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